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You Might Not Understand

Unless you've been a founder.

Unless you’ve raised money from your very dearest friends, invested an unjustifiably huge percentage of your own personal savings, and then spent months awake at night on your pillow, alone, with the odds looking very much like you just made the biggest mistake of your life, you might not understand.

Unless you’ve spent real time, years, working on something, to the detriment of all the other wonderful pursuits in life you could have put yourself into, and wondered whether you’re wasting the most productive years of your life, you might not understand.

Unless you have children, and real financial responsibilities, and questioned whether you’re making the right choices for their future, you might not understand.

Unless you’ve attempted something so challenging, so unbelievably tricky, that everything else in your past looks like a just-hit-Play button, you might not understand.

Unless you’ve experienced puzzles so vexing, and results so confounding, that you begin to doubt your own talent to the absolute core of your being, you might not understand.

Unless you’ve felt alone in your challenges, truly and utterly alone, like Tom Hanks thinking aloud to Wilson, because you know no one else will solve them for you and because your world is an island, you might not understand.

Unless every week for you has been Shark Week, for years, you might not understand.

Unless weekends have next to zero significance, and holidays only a little more, because you’re the only hamster on this wheel, you might not understand.

Unless you’ve truly grinded, month after month solving riddle after riddle, you might not understand.

Unless you’ve scrapped and crawled through all your challenges, like Tim Robbins through a claustrophobic sewer pipe full of human shit in Shawshank Redemption, to finally see sky on the other end, you might not understand.

I don’t even have to put a name to it at this point. You either understand some, or you don’t. I'm relatively new to this and because of that, well, I might not understand.

I'm the founder of Transparentrees. We're about to take a very big step...charging our users. Perhaps you understand. I've previously written about the hardest week of my life, which you can find a link to on this site; a lot has changed. Transparentrees has a different focus now, and I've been solo pretty much since that article. I'd like to write a post about what I've learned thus far in the next couple months. I can be reached at: Part1: ryanschaul Part2: @ Part3: transparentrees.com. Put the parts together.

Is being a founder the hardest thing anyone would ever have to go through? No, of course not. Health/sickness, debilitating financial troubles, family and divorce, personal safety and well-being…everything pales in comparison to those struggles.